Three awesome crews for Wyrd Games!!! Hamelin, Ironsides and The Dreamer!!!

Good news everyone!
Here's a new gallery of three awesome Malifaux's crews painted for Wyrd Games itself!!!
It was a great honor to work for this great company and I hope to collaborate again in the future with them!

I used three different styles:
a cartoony and very saturated style for the Dreamer, military and more realistic colors on the Ironsides (I used only Panzer Aces colors on them) and very desaturated and dity tones on Hamelin (with the lights in my studio they seem more saturated than in person).
I wanted the Hamelin's emanation to be like oily and greasy smoke from the sewers and I used an high-contrast technique to make it look like a Borderlands drawing! I tested this style before and my clients totally loved it!
I wanted to exalt to the maximum level the forms and the details of the miniatures without going too far from drawings and artworks.
I really hope you like them!

You can find them even in the gallery section of the Orco Nero website!

Hamelin's starter box: "The Plague Comet"

Ironsides' starter box: "Troubleshooters"

The Dreamer's starter box: "Hide and Seek"

Stay tuned...
See you soon!

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