HOW TO: Garage Kits!!! Lesson 00

Good news everyone!
To celebrate the imminent start of the GK Contest 2016 by E2046 let's begin this series of detailed WIPs where I'll show the entire process of building and painting of a Garage Kit.
It may seem a very complex task when you see the awesome art out there, but with patience, practice and some of my tips and tricks ;) you'll love this awesome hobby!

Let's start with something easy, but very rewarding: the unboxing!!!

A nice,faithful solid box!

Ahhhhhhhh the first glimpse of a new model......

Every single piece has its own little package for maximum safety!

I like to start reorganizing all the parts trying to understand how 
the pieces are linked to one another

Here's the look of the PVC version, very bright and clean, a very good starting point to think about the style and the color scheme I'll want to use.
The majority of people when is time to paint a GK use the anime color scheme but I rarely put the official colors on a model... I think to this kind of models like a canvas and I'm not interested in having in my collection a piece identical to thousand others...
Remember, this is your models and nobody can tell how to paint it!

And I immediately contradict myself saying that this time I'll use the original color scheme (lololol)... but with some substantial differences:

I want to paint this model with an high contrast, realistic style, with true metallic metal, lots of weathering and lifelike light effects. 

I want to pain her like an historical model, like she came from a movie and not an anime!
Something like the picture below but... much much more realistic...

Sorry for the digression! First I have to show you how to clean, prepare and build the kit ;) !!!

Stay tuned...
See you soon!

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