"I am the Law!" - I am a Judge @E2046 GK Contest 2016

Good news everyone!
I'm officially a Judge!!!

Here's the list of GK Contest 2016 guest judges!
And look at the end of the fifth row: "Itsa me, Marco!"
I am very honored to be part of this group of amazing experts and professionals...
I can't wait to see what you guys are creating!!!!!

Big Announcement...
...to celebrate the imminent start of the contest I'll publish a series of detailed WIPs where I'll show the entire process of building and painting of a Garage Kit.
 It may seem a very complex task when you see the awesome art out there, but with patience, practice and some of my tips and tricks ;) you'll love this awesome hobby!

Here's the mysterious box....

Stay tuned...
See you soon!

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