Terrain Mats Reviews ep.01: DEEP-CUT STUDIO! Review ... e video recensione in Italiano!

Good news everyone!
This is the first issue of a series dedicated to battlemats!

Today we talk about DEEP-CUT STUDIO !!! 
Deep-Cut Studio is an artisan studio, located in Lithuania, manufacturing miniature and RPG games accessories. 
They mainly focus on miniature games mats for various miniature wargames, and they provided me with three awesome mats, suitable for any scale miniature/rpg game, made in three different material: 
PVC, Cloth and Mousepad (neoprene).
You can find this beautiful 3'x3' mat here!

I'll analyze every material and I'll point strengths and weaknesses of each one.

This video is meant for the italian gaming community!
Questo video è pensato per la comunità di gioco italiana! 

Nel video troverete l'analisi dettegliata delle battlemat della DEEP-CUT STUDIO riassunta per punti salienti in inglese nel resto del post.

Da noi le mat non sono ancora diffuse o conosciute come all'estero e ci tenevo a raccontarvi nei particolari le caratteristiche di questi prodotti utili per avere sempre a portata di mano un campo di battaglia pratico, facile da conservare e trasportare e visivamente accattivante.
La Deep-Cut offre un prezzo leggermente superiore alla media dei produttori, ma la qualità dei prodotti sta sicurmente al passo mantenedo quindi un rapporto davvero vantaggioso!
Scorrendo in basso troverete una carrellata di immagini ad alta qualità per farvi un'idea ancora più precisa di questi prodotti e non essere costretti a fare acquisti rischiosi a scatola chiusa (conosco giocatori che hanno preso delle belle fregature su ebay...)!
Ho cercato di considerare ogni possibile aspetto, anche i più triviali tipo "come rotolano i dadi", ma se vi restano dubbi o curiosità non esitate a scrivere e commentare qui o su Youtube!
Spero vi sia utile per farvi/farvi fare un bel regalo di Natale!!! 
Trovate le mat recensite QUI!

DEEP-CUT STUDIO Wargames Terrain Mat

The three mat, from left to right: mousepad, pvc and cloth


+ It comes in a handy, little plastic package, useful for later storage (see video).
+ Made from lightweight, antistatic synthetic cloth.
+ It weighs only 180g!
+ When folded occupies the space of an A4 notebook
+ The paint is soaked into the material and is 100% scratch or peel proof 
   (I tried hard!). 
+ You can fold it without fear beacuse ...
+ ... can be easily ironed with steam!
-  It's not water or stain proof but ... 
+ ... can be machine washed (40°)!
+ Totally flexible, it adapts to any surface.
+ Miniatures and terrain stay perfectly flat and creases can't lift the miniatures.
-  The heaviest miniatures can't slide on the surface that tends a little to friction    and to make little creases.
+ It's flat with an hand stroke 
+ Under the light it's completely matt, no reflexes.
+++ The choice for an ultra-portable and very easy to store battlefield.
- It tends to slide on the table, but... 
+ ... only before you put on the terrain pieces, or when very big /heavy                 miniatures slide on it.
- Up close you can see a little the texture of the fabric.


+ It comes in an hard cardboard shipping tube.
+ Shipping tubes (diameter 55mm) can be used as easy, durable storage.
+ Made from high durability PVC (something like plasticky strong paper/cloth)
+ It weighs only 340g
+ Non textured gaming surface with high quality printed picture. 
   As you can see from the first picture, pvc mat is the most photographic and        clear one thanks to the absence  of a texture. The colors are the most faithful    to the images on the site.
+ Roll it out of its tube in opposite direction and its immediately flat!
   Keep pvc mat rolled facing ouside to make it even easier to flat once out of its    tube!
+ Very flexible, but need a plain, flat surface (cloth is a little more adaptable).
+ Very very very resistant (since they use original manufacturer paint and             special curing process) to scratch and tear.
+ Miniatures, even the heaviest can easily slide on the surface.
+ Completely waterproof.
+ Very easy to take care of it.
+ Dirt stains are not a problem, just wipe off with an humid sponge.
+++ Compatible with water based pens!!! Very useful for rpgs and games like           Infinity and Malifaux! 
+ It adheres very well to the table thanks to the texture of the bottom.
- A little bit glossy under direct light due to the nature of the material.
+ The choice for a sturdy and cost friendly battlefield!


Personally I love this mat!
Mousepad material, rubber based neoprene.
+ Made of 2mm thick rubber and high resolution fabric print on top of it.
+ It comes in a fabric bag useful for storage ... 
- ... but without handles; a bit uncomfortable for the transport
+ It weighs 1,4 Kg. I love its weight It gives the idea of something solid and          durable.
Bottom is anti slip. It sticks to the table very very well.
=  Rounded corners: is a matter of taste!
+ After rolling out stays perfectly flat. Just lay on the table ant it's instantly flat    thanks to its weight.
+++ Surface is always always always flat, no creases at all!
+ Simple to roll up.
+ Silent bouncing dice (I love that sound!).
+ It has a very dense texture that somehow enhance the beauty of the print...
+ Completely anti shine. Under the light it's completely matt, no reflexes.
+ Smooth movement for any kind of miniature and terrain piece.
-  Not completely waterproof and not so easy to clean from spillages, so... take      care of it! In case clean it gently with wet, soft tissue.
+ Protect your miniatures from scratches when they fall on it!
+ Material is very durable overall.


Some pics of a casual, easy, Malifaux game night at the club!


These are all excellent products and DEEP-CUT STUDIO knows very well what players need!
None of the materials is best than the other, it all depends on your taste and your needs:
-- Cloth is a very mobile and easy storage solution with sacrifice to stiffness.
-- PVC is a 'working horse' for very intensive use, very useful for clubs and gaming associations, but in some conditions a little too shiny.
-- Mousepad is a beautiful material for its weight and the graphic outcome; a very good solution for individual use, but harder to take care of  and handle properly.

Choose your mat and ... let's play!!!

Stay tuned...
See you soon!

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