!!! The Most Anticipated Event – GK CONTEST 2016 – Starts on 01.01.2016 !!!

Good news everyone!
The most anticipated event for GK artists all over the world is about to start!!!

The E2046 staff is glad to announce that they are going to hold GK Contest 2016 starting from 01.01.2016

E2046 is a website worldwide known for its high quality resin kits (figures, robots, original designs...): every year they organize an awesome contest opened to artists from all over the world!

GK players all over the world have participated GK contest for many years (you can find complete galleries of past events on the "Contest" session of their website) and now is time to prepare the models for the new year's contest! 

This year there is also a little, but very important change in the rules that will make happy all the artists!
One of the rules has been loosen – “Kit participated in any other contest is ineligible”, meaning that contestants are welcomed to share their works anywhere such as blogs and forums.
This is a really big and welcome change in the policy of the contest, because the majority of artists uses the web to share their work and this will bring much more visibility to the contest and to the artists' creations.

I can't wait to see this year's entries!!!

Now you can read the rules on the dedicated page for the contest:

Let's start paintig! ;)

Stay tuned...

See you soon!

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