"Leveticus was here!" ... The creepy old man is in town!

Good news everyone!
Here's a new commission for Malifaux, the "Salvage and Logistics" box set: Leveticus' crew!

This box is quite tricky to build, especially the little abominations and the hollow waifs ... there is a ton of little tiny pieces to cut, clean and glue!!! Definitely not for inexperienced modelers ...

The awesome base inserts are sculpted and then casted in resin by a friend of mine,
Federico Ceschel ! I'll take some close and detailed picture for the next post...

He is a professional sculptor and I'll post the link to his website and his production as soon as it will be ready ;)

I painted this crew in superior game quality using acrylics, enamels and oil paints with airbrush and brush! Here's the gallery with different lights and camera settings: I hope you like them ;)

Beware of the creepy old ... wizard ... mad scientist:

Here's the crew on a Deep-Cut Studio game mat!

Here's a close up of Rusty Alyce;
I really love this miniature and I wanted to paint her exactly like the box art!

Stay tuned...
See you soon!

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