Waiting for new stuff ... ART TOYS!!!

Hello, everyone!
Lately I have been lazy with blog's updates, but from today I'll try to be more regular!
Waiting for new stuff I'll post a gallery of my little art toys collection :)
I love these creations (as much as I love street art) and I think this is the real future of art.
If you want to know something about this world I suggest you a visit to Vinyl Monster , for me the most complete, true and passionate italian blog about artoys (it's also an online shop...) and ToysRevil. 
As you can see below I love ThreeA toys, especially World War Robot range, but my future project is to crate an army of Ferg's Squadts!!! Yes, I'm always out of money...
(Images are artworks and pictures owned by the original manufacturer)

 Click on "Read More" to ... see more :) ! 

                                            Gnagno and the Organs by Punk Productions

Heavy Bramble by TheeA

 Labbits by Kozik

Large Martin By ThreeA

Bastardino e Polpettina by Tokidoki

Dr. Bomb, Murder version by Kozik

Bertie MK3 by ThreeA

Creations by Astral

"What did I eat Ephunt" by Amanda Visell

 Squadt, Gassed-s003-k11 + Rovr by Ferg

Stay tuned...
See you soon!

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