"In Space No One Can Hear You Wish Happy Easter" for Massive Voodoo's Easter Contest

Hello, everyone!
Here's a gallery of a very funny project created for Massive Voodoo's Easter Contest
In this contest of the talented crew of  Massive Voodoo there was only a simple rule:
"Get yourself a chickens egg. Create something with a chickens egg, like a Diorama with miniatures or just paint your egg."
I had a lot of fun creating this little diorama :) Here's my entry !

                                      "In Space No One Can Hear You Wish Happy Easter"

 The story:
In a far future, a huge corporation wanted to export Earth's Easter in all the planets of the galaxy.
The company has cloned the Easter Bunny and the clones leaved the Earth to reach even the farthest planets...but something of ancient and savage waits in the dark and cold space, so...
Beware on where you paint!

The egg is a chicken egg treated with paper mache and liquid green stuff to create the texture.
The facehugger and the painting accessories are green stuff scratchbuilt sculptures;
the rabbit is "on loan" from my girlfriend collection :)

 The beauiful Contest's Banner by Massive Voodoo
Hope you like it!
Stay tuned...
See you soon!

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