WIP - Master Grade, MS 09 DOM

Good news, everyone!
Here's a little WIP of this big guy:
 Master Grade MS Dom in NJM "Clockwork Orange" Version
Only a glimpse for now!

Working on legs. I wanted to make visible the engines inside.

Click on "Read More" here below to see the complete gallery :)

Similar work on the torso. Engines of this model are too beatiful to be hidden.
Scribing panels and making (a lot of) holes here and there!

"The end is nigh" :) ... quite...

The bazooka is now a flame thrower! The power of glue and plasticard!

Pre-painting mess!

A little wash...
And finally the pre-painting order!

Metallic underwear!
A chest's detail

Hope you like it! Soon I'll post the finished gallery!

Stay tuned...

See you soon!

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