MG Gundam 00 Exia - GrayHawk NJM Version

 Hello everyone!

Here's my new creation:
Master Grade Gundam 00 Exia - GrayHawk
NJM Version
Click on "Read More" here below to see the WIP and the complete gallery :)
The WIP of the base:
scribing panel lines in plasticard

The top of the base before LEDs insertion

The base box is all built up in plasticard

Some details of the "backpack" ring

The creation of an extra sword

Here's my "pre-painting box": I like to organize each piece to avoid any mistakes in the color scheme.
It's also useful to speed up the painting phase!

The original "out of box" built and color scheme

And finally a "little" gallery of the final product :)

Hope you like it :)

Stay tuned...

See you soon!

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