1/100 HG Serpent Custom

Good news, everyone!

I bought this model almost a year ago on ebay. 
It's a 1/100 High Grade Serpent Custom from the Gundam Wing world, Endless Waltz anime serie.
I wanted an economic model to test my first airbrush and some new (for me...) weathering techinque.
When I started this kit I was just a noob working on this scale so it's built out of box without significant changes... there isn't very much to say about the construction!

Click "Read More" here below to see the complete article and the final gallery :)

I took this photo from Google because I forgot to take a picture of the original kit...
(super noob...)

I wanted a "jungle camouflage" color scheme for this mobile suite, with a lot of chipped paint and a very heavy weathering. Chippings are made with brush and sponge. Now I know that I should avoid using pure black for chippings that are a bit too evident.

However, overall I am very satisfied with the final result of this first experience with this "huge" (for me, used to 25 mm miniatures) scale! I'm much more skilled now!

All photos were taken by my girlfriend! Thank you <3!

Stay tuned...

See you soon!


  1. Che meraviglia! I colori li hai messi tu? Cosa usi per colorare? Mi riferisco soprattutto al post precedente, usi acrilici?

  2. Ciao!
    Sì, qui è tutto dipinto da me anche se ancora ho caricato poche cose...
    In origine i modelli in resina sono bianchi (il colore della resina usata per stamparli) e smontati in tante piccole parti (sempre per comodità di stampaggio),mentre cose come il Serpent sono in semplice plastica colorata (su cui poi si dipinge!).
    I modelli vanno "ripuliti",montati e il più delle volte è divertente modificarli pesantemente.
    I colori sono acrilici per modellismo Tamiya e Vallejo usati ad aerografo e pennello; butta un occhio ai post precedenti per tutti i dettagli!